The unit consists of a very compact cardanic universal joint suitable for the transfer of low, medium and high pressure fluids.The joint allows for leak free angular displacement of the connecting components.

Multiple joints can be used to create a multi-articulated system.

MIBFlex consists of a sphere and seal set arrangement of the same design and performance as the well known MIB offshore soft seated valves. With three moving components the unit is able to align with any tensile or bending load applied to the hose. Thus reducing the MBR and loads transferred to the hose or connected components.

Temperature range: up to+120°C (using High Tech seal material)

Dimensions: 1'' ½ - 2''-3'' (and larger on specific request)

Design Pressure : 5.000 psi - 7.500 psi - 10.000 psi (and higher, over on specific request)

Look at the Download section for the Technical Data Sheet.

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