A complete, fully integrated and tested LNG ship to ship transfer system from a single source.

  • The vital ship
    to shore interface

    MIB meet the needs with specialist, customised solutions to suit the technical, as well as commercial demands, of each individual project.

  • MIB, leading independent supplier of connectors and safety systems for LNG, LPG and petrochemical transfer.

  • Safety and environmental protection:
    our utmost priority

A track record of 50 years, worldwide.

The company has always had the desire to keep pace with the ever increasing and exacting demands of the industry. A balance of field proven design solutions and innovative developments has kept MIB at the forefront of the industry and will do so, well into the future.

From its inception in Casalserugo, Padova, the company rapidly evolved as the leading supplier of customized connections and safety solutions for the International Oil and Gas Sector. Maintaining the sound foundation of many of its product designs, together with expert Application Engineering, MIB has remained a recognised leader in its specialised field. These activities have been backed by a progressive research and development programme, state of the art design tools and in close co-operation with such bodies as Certification Authorities and Institutes of Research and Expertise.

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Onshore application

All Onshore application

Offshore application

All Offshore application

Multibore Releasable FPSO Turret Systems (MB)

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Multibore Turret Connector Systems: a custom-designed multiple function QCDC for disconnectable FPSO turret installations – requiring release of the risers due from typhoon, hurricane, ice-berg or other such conditions.

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Double Ball Valve with External Release System (DBV/ERC – DV)

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A system that provides protection of the installation, the operating staff, and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing rapid release under extreme or emergency situations.

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Safety and Environmental Protection

The company’s initial success in the provision of Connectors and Safety Systems for loading and unloading of tankers at jetties soon lead ...

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Quality & Research

Over the last 50 years, MIB has practiced a strict and disciplined quality regime with an ISO 9001 accreditation going back over 15 years ...

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Advancement in Technology

A critical facet of MIB’s day to day activities is in the area of research and development. Whether it is increase in demand from clients ...

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After Sales

MIB’s reputation has been built on not only the quality and reliability of its products but also its Customer Service package. The Company ...

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