STS LNG Ship to Ship transfer systems

The STS transfer package available from MIB is a fully integrated system that brings with it the vast experience, expertise & track record of the Company stretching back to the early 1970s in the LNG terminal industry.

Our solution includes the latest technology for the Flexible Hoses, Emergency Release Systems, Hydraulic Activation System, Support Saddles, Retardation Devices & Ship to Ship Positioning/Monitoring Equipment.

The “Package” from MIB provides the owner/operators:

• Single Sourcing of All Elements in an Integrated Solution

• Elimination of Interface Issue for Individual Systems

• A comprehensive Commissioning, Training & after Sales Service Support from MIB’s Experienced Team of Engineers

The heart of the STS Package is the MIB Double Ball Valve and Emergency Release System. This equipment has been provided to LNG terminals worldwide (starting in 1978) and as a result has extensive track record under cryogenic conditions.

The MIB STS Package is fully compliant with the following industry codes, standards and recommendations:

-OCIMF - Recommendations & Guidelines for LNG STS Operations.

-EN 1473-3 Design & Testing of Equipment on Offshore LNG Transfer Systems

-SIGTTO - LNG STS Guidelines

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