A track record of 50 years, worldwide.

The company has always had the desire to keep pace with the ever increasing and exacting demands of the industry. A balance of field proven design solutions and innovative developments has kept MIB at the forefront of the industry and will do so, well into the future.

From its inception in Casalserugo, Padova, the company rapidly evolved as the leading supplier of customized connections and safety solutions for the International Oil and Gas Sector. Maintaining the sound foundation of many of its product designs, together with expert Application Engineering, MIB has remained a recognised leader in its specialised field. These activities have been backed by a progressive research and development programme, state of the art design tools and in close co-operation with such bodies as Certification Authorities and Institutes of Research and Expertise.

A major influence in the success of the company to date, has been its activities in the supply of critical safety equipment for the liquefied gas industry. Since the early 1970s, when MIB developed the first LNG Quick Connect Disconnect Coupler, our ongoing engineering activities have allowed the company to provide the highest standard of equipment for the transfer of cryogenic liquids, LPG and other refrigerated gaseous fluids, for temperatures down to -196°C. These developments have been a result of close and continuous liaison with major oil and gas companies and vessel operators and matching the ever increasing and stringent demands of the changing world.

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