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The company's initial success in the provison of the Connectors and Safety Systems for loading and unloading of tankers at jetties soon lead its activities into the offshore arena.

Utilizing the already gained expertise and fundamental design principles, MIB products are now used on numerous installations in some of the world’s harshest environments, these include, Floating Production Platforms, FPSOs and other tanker based installations in locations prone to hurricanes, typhoons, icebergs and other such adverse environmental conditions.

A major influence in the success of the company to date, has been its activities in the supply of critical safety equipment for the liquefied gas industry.

Since the early 1970s, when MIB developed the first LNG Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupler, our ongoing engineering activities have allowed the company to provide the highest standard of equipment for the transfer of cryogenic liquids, LPG and other refrigerated gaseous fluids, for temperatures down to -196°C.

These developments have been a result of close and continuous liaison with major oil and gas companies and vessel operators and matching the ever increasing and stringent demands of the changing world

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