The MIB LNG transfer system is also includes a 'Ships Excessive Movement Sensing System' which includes the input devices for the automatic release of the hose-based system in case of critical condition of the transfer such as loss of the mooring of one of the vessel for instance.
The Excessive Movement Distance Sensing System is a very simple to understand solution which provides 3 levels of alarm (pre-alarm, first alarm (ESD1) and second alarm (ESD2)) each associated to the three different length wires.
From the pre-alarm signal to the panel to advise that something is happening, passing through the stopping of the transfer pumps and close the vessels ESD manifold valves till the ESD2 alarm to close all ERS and open the ERC thus releasing the transfer hoses.

The 'Pre-Alarm' will alert the vessels' crews of a possible impending problem, such as vessel seperation, etc.

Beyond this the ESD1 signal can be used to trigger cargo pump shutdown, closure of deck manifold valving and so on.

Continuing to ESD2 will signal the closure of the ERS double ball valves followwed by the disconnection of the ERC - thus releasing the hoses fron the vessel manifold in a safe way.

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