The purpose of this system is to provide protection of the installation, the operating staff, and the environment by isolating the product flow and providing rapid release under extreme or emergency situations during the LNG/BOG transfer.

The cryo-MIBDCV emergency release system is a compact unit adopted in bunkering or small-scale transfer packages to provide a very cost-effective solution maintaining for our Customers the technical and operational reliability of MIB Emergency Release Systems. It consists of field proven Double Check Valves mounted opposite each other held together by an Emergency Release Coupler (ERC).

The units are non-dedicated, this allowing a standardisation of the equipment also in case a spare line would be needed.
MIB design includes built-in test facilities to verify the cryo-MIBDCV operability over a long service period as the possibility to provide a SIL2 architecture for the EDS2 to prevent spurious activation.
The system is suited for flexible hoses with hydraulic activation features unaffected by cryogenic temperatures.

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